2020+ Vision

As Trinity embarks on a new chapter in serving God’s mission, we believe the Holy Spirit is calling us to respond to three key callings.

Each of these callings offers the promise of new and exciting ways of living out and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ in Cheltenham and beyond.

As we explore and map out the vision for the future, the invitation is to everyone in the church family to share in shaping the picture together.

Our Three Key Callings

Positioning Before God

Trinity has in past seasons been blessed to spread wide in mission as a result of a spiritual hunger for the presence and the transforming power of God to be at work in people’s lives.
Let’s pray that we will increase in our hunger for God, humbly recognising that everything must be rooted in a desire and willingness to press into a deeper relationship with Jesus.

Partnering To Serve

We believe God wants to give us fresh vision for our community life as the body of Christ.
Let’s pray to better share all our gifts and talents in serving wherever God calls us to live, work and play. Let’s pray that we can offer ourselves to share with others across Cheltenham and beyond in Kingdom mission.

Planting For Life

Let’s pray for a further release of God’s prophetic and transforming gifts into every part of our Church family to bring new life into the world.
We are praying for a release of entrepreneurial gifts to bring transformation in public, civic, business and community life: wherever he has placed the members of our church family.
And we are praying for God to lead us into planting new expressions of church in both existing contexts and in new places – for faith to give away current resources and to trust completely for His future provision.