Good morning from the team at The Rock and we hope you are well and safe at this difficult time.. Covid-19 means low income Cheltenham families are already finding life tough. We have partnered with a collection of local charities, schools and churches to work together to feed those most in need in Cheltenham under a fundraising campaign called #FeedCheltenham. To achieve … Read More

Adi Moscovich Offering Babysitting Services

Adi Moscovich, 18, is looking for babysitting opportunities to help with university costs. Adi has a great deal of experience babysitting and helps out with kid’s church on Sundays too. Adi is looking for around £7 an hour however costs can be negotiated if needed. To contact Adi please feel free to email her at moscovichmail@gmail.com

Volunteers for Cheltenham Minster

Cheltenham Minster are asking for volunteers to assist in welcoming guests. Volunteers are required to serve for only 2 hours (in pairs) every month. The poster is attached…

Singers Needed for Christian musical ‘Rock’

A message from the organisers: I am aiming to recruit from across churches in Cheltenham for a scratch choir event on February 29, 2020. We will be singing songs from the Christian musical ‘Rock’ written by Roger Jones of Christian Music Ministries. A team from CMM will coach the choir through the day for a public performance in the evening. … Read More