Easter At Trinity

All are welcome to join us over this Easter period.

Maundy Thursday

Join us on-line at 6pm for a short time of worship for all ages (5+) to remember Jesus’ words, actions and instructions at the Last Supper. Come ready with a glass of ribena or wine, some dry cheese biscuits, a glass with salty water, a boiled egg and a small bunch of any kind of green herb!

Good Friday

Join us on-line at 12 noon for ‘An Hour at the Cross’ with readings refections and music.

Easter Sunday

Join us on-line at 10am and also at 6pm for our special Celebrations.


Please check out all the new resources for each day of the Easter weekend now on our website – crafts, games, worship and prayer activities for all ages to share together.

‘Pictures of Hope’

We want everyone’s help to make an on-line gallery of photographs, paintings and drawings on the theme of Hope. We will use them to create an Easter exhibition which will be available to view through our website all over the Easter weekend. Please send your contribution with your name and any short message of hope to: creativemedia@trinitycheltenham.com