Family Tents For Sale

Family Tents for Sale
(1.) Wynnster Indus 8 Elite. Sleeps 8 max (2 bedrooms of four each, one 2.5m x 2.5m and one 2.3m x 2.3m), with big communal area (4.9m x 4.3m x 2.3m tall plus porch area). Overall size approx 7.2m x 6.7m. Two doors, five windows. A big tent with steel frame. Further details visit this website Probably 10 years old, we bought it second-hand 6 years ago and used it once.  Condition fair to good. £150.  Contact Nick Eden,

(2): Eurohike Buckingham Elite 8 man family tent. Further details visit this website. Overall size 7.0m x 3.3m x 2.25m tall. Smaller and lighter than Wynnster Indus 8 Elite and easier to erect, but less communal space. Bought June 2017, used for three nights only. Condition perfect (virtually brand new). List price £550, for sale at £200.

Contact Nick Eden for more info.