Men’s Fire Night

Fancy an adventure and a chance to connect?

Men! Join us on Friday 15 June for a night to remember… Make new friends, do something different, step out of your routine, and learn some new skills. Make a shelter, sleep out and be encouraged in your God-given calling.
We will enjoy an hour long hike, a BBQ, and have a discussion round the fire – in the woods just 5 miles away from Cheltenham! And you will be home in time for all your usual activities on Saturday morning…

The Details

When: Friday 15th June, 7:00pm – Saturday 16th June, 7:00am
Where: The Woods, South of Cheltenham. 20 mins drive from Trinity Church.
For: This event is for men who are over 18 yrs.
Cost: £5 for the BBQ

To Bring: Bring your own drinks, a sleeping bag and breakfast. A full recommended kit list is on the ChurchSuite booking page.