Hospital Chaplaincy

We will be running a training course in the Autumn for people who are interested in joining our volunteer teams at Cheltenham and Gloucester Hospitals. Although completing the course does not guarantee a place on our teams, it gives participants a good grounding in pastoral and spiritual care alongside an understanding of issues such as dementia and ‘End of Life’ care.

I have attached a poster and hope that you will be happy to display these in your churches or even include them in your newsletters. I know that many churches feel hard pressed to fill all their own appointments, and you can feel reluctant to encourage church members to serve in para-church settings such as hospital chaplaincy: in practice, however, I feel that the training and experience of working as part of a chaplaincy team actually informs and motivates people more generally in their service of the gospel, so that we all benefit from making this kind of link between your church and our team.

Please get in touch if you have any queries –coursepostera4.1018