Men’s Ministry

Calling all men!

Our aim is to provide various ways for guys to get together, do fun stuff, and also discuss matters of life and faith. Trinity’s Men Ministry aims to make opportunities to get out and meet more fellas, create connections with friends and work colleagues in a fun and relaxed way.
Some of our men’s activities are for specific ages of men, while others are open to men of all ages. If you can’t see anything here that you like, then please get in touch if you would like to make something new happen.
In the last few moths, groups of our men have rock-climbed in China with the Banff Mountain film festival, given away a bag of skittles (prize at skittles), played Bar Billiards (no one knows the rules – if you do, please tell us!), winced watching the cheese rolling festival, and camped out in some local woods for a “fire night”.

Upcoming Events

Extreme Character Challenge

Join us on a mind, body and soul adventure – an active and challenging event for men out in the wild. For 72 hours, we will experience physical challenges, deep camaraderie and profound moments of moral and spiritual input. If you want to return with new perspective, a new understanding of who we are, and a new or refreshed purpose for living, then you have to join us!
When: 25th-28th October 2018
Where: Wales

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Regular Events

Prayer - Standing Room Only

30 minutes of prayer (standing only!) for everything to do with Men. 
When: First Sunday of every month, 10:00am and 5:00pm
Where: Trinity Garage

Monday Night Football

Join us for friendly football usually 7 or 8 a side, held every Monday
When: Every Monday, 8:00pm – 9:00pm
Where: 3G pitch at All Saints Academy

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Nick Stott: Men’s Ministry Leader
David Jenkins: 20’s & 30’s Group
Mark Donaldson: 20’s & 30’s Group