Music Lessons

Hello, my name is Benjamin Torrens. I moved to Cheltenham two years ago whilst doing the Worship Central course with Neil Bennetts and am now living in Cheltenham working at school house cafe whilst pursuing my own music as a producer and songwriter. You may have seen me playing on a Sunday morning or evening in the trinity worship band. I would love to offer lessons in guitar, drums or piano. Or if you have a budding young worship leader in your family or you know that could do with guidance and advice on how to best unlock that gifting, then I would love to help. I have taught at a primary school in Bournemouth for 5 months before moving back to Cheltenham. If you’re looking to creatively challenge and stimulate yourself or your child I believe learning an instrument is the best way to explore and express that. It’s also teaches discipline yet can be releasing and super fun. So if you’re interested in learning/trying out then please contact me on 07834999683 or