Praying in the presence and releasing God’s power

As we continue to grow in the ministry of the Holy Spirit, we believe it is essential that we push ourselves forward to step-out of the boat, with our eyes fixed on Jesus to pray for signs and wonders of the Kingdom in the world today.

Naturally Supernatural is two evenings of worship, teaching and ministry led by Gareth and Zoe Dickinson to train and equip us as we follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in ministry.

When: 21st and 28th Jan 2018, 7.30-9.30pm
Where: Trinity Church

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Week 1

Session 1- Theology of Ministry

As Christians we believe that central to our life as followers of Jesus is the empowering ministry of the Holy Spirit. Why is that? Together we will look at what the bible teaches and how we might understand Jesus’ ministry mandate for extending His Kingdom today.

Session 2- How to Pray for Transformation

If transformed lives are a fruit of a church alive and attentive to the Spirit’s leading, how might we prayer for others to see this transformation in our gatherings together? This session will give a framework of biblical values and guidelines that will help us see and celebrate changed lives in our churches and our communities.

Week 2

Session 1- How to Lead a Time of Ministry

Each week at Trinity on a Sunday, ministry is led from the front as we pray for people in the power of the Holy Spirit. This session will equip you to lead ministry in a variety of settings too.

Session 2- How to Hear the Voice of God

In the busyness of our daily lives and with all the many cultural voices vying for our attention, how can we hear God’s voice? We will look at how God speaks to His people in the bible and how we can create rhythms in our lives to tune in to the voice of God daily.