Week of Prayer

Sunday 16th – Friday 21st September

As we launch into the Autumn term and our 2020 Vision priorities, we’re inviting everyone to share in bringing our plans and hopes before God. Our annual Week of Prayer is a special opportunity for the whole church to gather – to pray! Prayer is for everyone in the church family; there are no experts; so please come and play your part in changing lives.


Please plan to join us if you can for three evening gatherings to pray for increased hunger and passion as we seek to be ‘all in with God’.
When: Monday 17th, Wednesday 19th & Friday 21st September, 8pm.


As we ask the Holy Spirit to deepen our commitment to being ‘all in with each other’, we are encouraging people to pick an area of Trinity life to be ready to hold in prayer and to ask at least one other person in the church family: “Where will you be ‘This Time Tomorrow’ and how can I pray for you?”


As we seek guidance and boldness to follow wherever God calls to be ‘all in for the sake of the world’, we’d love to encourage an outpouring of bold prayer walking! Where and when could you step out to pray with some others?

What about the rest of the year?

Coming together to pray isn’t just something we do for one week of the year though!

You can head over to our ‘Prayer’ page for a full rundown of all of the regular opportunities we give for praying together.

Check out our prayer page