School of Theology

Equipping the church to change the world

Trinity Cheltenham is delighted to be hosting a series of short theological courses in partnership with St Paul’s Theological Centre (based out of Holy Trinity Brompton, London). The School of Theology for 2016 will be delivering two 8 week courses this Spring Term.

The School of Theology runs on a Monday evening from 7.30 – 9.45pm at the Trinity campus. Each week incorporates worship, teaching and group discussion. You do not need to be a member of Trinity Cheltenham to attend the School of Theology – all are welcome. The cost of each track this term is £80.

Spring Term

Book on to either Bible Track 2 or the Kingdom Track of the Spring Term, starting January 25th 2016.

​The Bible is an inexhaustible source of God’s grace to us, but even with careful reading and the help of the Holy Spirit, some of the bigger subjects can sometimes seem a bit daunting. This Bible Track will provide accessible study of topics and books from both the Old and New Testaments for those who want to go a bit deeper into their Bibles.

​The Kingdom of God is a hugely important subject throughout the Bible, with an impact on every part of our lives as Christians, the growth of our churches and our outreach to those who don’t yet know Jesus. ​We’ll be looking at the overarching biblical theme of the Kingdom; in the ministry and mission of Jesus, the completion of the Kingdom when He comes again, and the different ways the Kingdom is coming now.

Speakers include
  • Mike Fuller
  • Brian Howell
  • Jill Cheesman
Topics Include
  • Is the Old Testament “historical”?
  • The Geography of the Gospels
  • Connecting Acts and the New Testament letters
  • When and how will Jesus return?
Book onto Bible Track 2
Speakers include
  • Richard Jelfs
  • Gareth Dickinson
  • Dave Keeper
Topics Include
  • God is King
  • The Kingdom Has Come
  • Kingdom and Mission – Power Evangelism
  • Clash of the Kingdoms
  • Kingdom Values
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