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We would love to invite you to join us at our Splendour women’s event in Cheltenham this autumn.

We are so excited about expanding our vision for New Wine Women based on Isaiah 61, and we will look at what it means to play our part in the great company of women who seek to display God’s splendour.

Our special guests this year include Arianna Walker, Julia Immonen and Hils Grew as well as Anne Coles, Jules Woodbridge who will be leading worship and others from the New Wine family.

This year we are gathering on Friday evening so we can enjoy a night away with friends, followed by a full day on the Saturday, finishing in the evening.

Our vision is that together we would be inspired, challenged and empowered by worship, talks, stories, seminars and ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Put the date in your diary, gather some girls or invite a friend and come and join us!

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Hils Grew

Hils Grew is part of the Trinity Cheltenham team, and has spoken at various conferences and events across the UK.

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Karen Bailey

Karen Bailey is married to Mark, and together they lead Trinity Cheltenham.

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Jules Woodbridge

Jules Woodbridge is worship pastor and part of the teaching team at Trinity Cheltenham.

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Arianna Walker

Arianna Walker is an author, speaker and the Executive Director of Mercy Ministries UK.

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Julia Immonen

Julia Immonen is the Founder of Sport for Freedom, a charity who uses the positive power of community and sport to bring freedom from trafficking and slavery.

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Anne Coles

Anne Coles is married to John, and heads up New Wine’s ministry for women.

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When: Friday, 9th October 7pm to Saturday, 10th October 9pm 2015.
Please note that Saturday 10th October is now sold out.
Where: Trinity Cheltenham Church, Portland Street, Cheltenham.
Cost: Tickets for the full conference and day tickets for Saturday 10th October are now sold out.
However, tickets for Friday evening are still available to purchase on the door for £5.


Contact Us

If you have any questions at all regarding Splendour, please contact us by emailing: splendour@trinitycheltenham.com