Talking Relationships

What Are These Events?

Talking Relationships is a series of one-off event created to support people in different circumstances grow their relationships.

The Sacred Marriage

A strong marriage comes out of a close connection with each other and with God. Come and spend an evening with your spouse and strengthen the connection you have, leaning language and skills to keep that sacred space between you safe and healthy.
This session will feature very practical teaching and opportunities for personal reflection in a confidential and relaxed setting – so there will be no group work!
Topics Covered Include:

  • Creating true connection
  • Protecting the sacred space
  • Living out of the sacred place

When: Friday 12th October, 7:45pm-9:30pm
Where: Trinity House

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The Secret of Dating Well

Listen to couples who have recently married, sharing their journey of learning to date well.
Topics Covered Include:

  • God and the dating dilemma
  • Listening to the right voices
  • Courageous accountability

When: Friday 19th October, 7:45pm-9:30pm
Where: Trinity House

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