Teaching opportunities in India

Teaching opportunities in India

Deo Supremo

Hebron School is a co-educational residential school which exists to provide an affordable international education (drawn from a British tradition) based on sound Christian principles for children aged from pre-school to university entrance. It seeks to provide schooling for Christian worker children in Asia, Africa and the Gulf Region in addition to others who require an international education.

Hebron School offers the English National Curriculum, culminating in the GCSE, IGCSE and GCE AS/A2 examinations. Recognising the value of each individual in the community and believing that the best foundation for life is a personal relationship with Christ, our aims are:
-To provide excellent educational opportunities through a strong academic curriculum and a wide range of extra-curricular activities;
-To provide a personalised, caring, family-based environment;
-To encourage students to strive for excellence and to develop to their full potential in all areas of their lives;
-To challenge students to work out the focus and direction of their lives in preparation for life after school;
-To foster a genuine respect for others and to inspire the school community to live in the service of God and others;
-To serve the neighbourhood and wider community;
-To provide a resource for Christian workers in Asia, and business communities requiring an international education for their children.

The school is committed to its motto, ‘Deo Supremo’ (God First).

We are determined to continue emphasising the foundational values on which the school was built: to provide a Christian, family, atmosphere and open to children from all backgrounds and a broad ability range. As a school, our aim is to educate our students so that they have a considered and balanced world-view. A vital part of this is an understanding of the teachings of Christ as revealed in the Bible, with their implications for individual and community life. We regard every student as a valued person whose mind, body and spirit all need nurturing within a loving and caring environment. Our desire is that such an environment would challenge the students to work out the focus and direction of their lives and prepare them for life after school within the international community.

Our main focus is the care and education of children of Christian Workers in Asia and Africa, and we welcome other families, too, and treat their children equally, fairly and sensitively. Hebron aims to be a holistic school where our intention is to train the whole person – physically, mentally, socially and spiritually.
Staff who work at Hebron School do so out of a sense of Christian calling and service. The school provides remuneration at local Indian rates, as well as full board and accommodation. Hebron staff have a high degree of job satisfaction and a strong appreciation for the School’s aims and purpose.

The school provides a sound educational program in a wonderful teaching-learning environment, with eager learners who are encouraged to reach their full potential in a wide range of disciplines and extra-curricular activities. There are about 360 students aged from 5 to 19 years studying a modified form of the English National Curriculum leading to the IGCSE and A Level examinations.

With two attractive campuses in the beautiful Nilgiri Hills of south India for accommodation, Hebron School is home to a diverse multi-cultural community made up of around 30 nationalities. Hebron has approximately 65 teaching and 35 administrative staff. Staff come from India, the UK, Australia, NZ, the USA, Canada, Kenya, S. Africa, S. Korea and Europe. As a boarding school the residential care provided at Hebron is personal and endeavours to create a home away from home. Hebron is a lively, busy community in which gifts and talents of both staff and students have ample opportunity for expression and development.

On average staff come for around 3-5 years, a few for one year and a number for 5-10 years. It is a super place for a family to grow up. Long-term commitment is highly value by the school (some staff members have served here for 20+ years), however Hebron recognises that this is frequently not possible.

Most staff leave with a strong sense of the strategic role that Hebron plays and with deep appreciation for the years they have served at Hebron. In recent years several staff have returned for a ‘second innings’ – testimony to the value they place on serving at Hebron.

The school offers education from primary level to IGCSE and A Level exams (Cambridge and Edexcel Boards, U.K.). A wide range of subject choices is offered and courses are adapted to suit the needs of those going on to tertiary education. Our academic departments include: English, History, Geography, Maths, Sciences, Design and Technology, Physical Education, Music, Fine Arts, Information and Communications Technology, Enhanced Learning, Religious Studies, Modern Languages, Business Studies, and General Studies. 

-SCHOOL NURSE -(must be registered,nurse with experience)
-MATH TEACHER- able to teach up to A level.
-GEOGRAPHY TEACHER – (position available from January 2018 )- able to teach up to GCSE and A level. Suitable candidates will be considered for head of department position.  
-ENGLISH TEACHER – able to teach up to GCSE and A level. Experience of teaching English at Senior School level is essential.
-HEAD OF SCIENCE-able to teach Biology and/or Chemistry up to GCSE and A level.
-HEAD OF MODERN LANGUAGES-(French and/or German).
Preferred applicants will hold the following skills, qualifications and attributes:
-Committed, practicing Christians.
-Fluent in English.
-Suitably qualified with degree and relevant teaching experience.
-Willing to serve on local Indian salaries.
-Willing to participate fully in the life of a busy boarding school (including extra-curricular activities and dorm parenting or support)

To apply, please visit the website and click on the appropriate buttons under employment
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If you are interested in applying for a position that is not currently listed, you may still apply and we will contact you should a suitable position opens up. 
Please contact Ian A. McCabe , Human Resources Secretary, hr@hebronooty.org for further details.