Thy Kingdom Come

Digital Family Prayer Adventure Map

Download the map below, or order it for free* here.

We are really excited to announce that this year, Missional Generation have created our map with an augmented reality app that is used in collaboration with the map. Missional Generation is a Christian charity based in the North of England that creates faith based digital content for churches and schools. It will be available for smart phones and tablets, on both Apple and Android. The app will feature daily games and videos which will all be delivered through innovative augmented reality! Due to the situation around Covid-19 we have re-worked the map so that it is now available in A4 and can be downloaded and printed at home. It will still work with the augmented reality app, whether printed in colour or black and white.

*You’ll just need to pay postage & packaging. 

You can download the app here:

Image Image

There are even more resources online!

Head over to the  for even more resources and for instructions on how to use the AR app.

The Family Prayer Adventure podcasts

The Family Prayer Adventure podcasts are a fun and engaging way to help families pray together. There is one following each daily theme of Thy Kingdom Come, and they are about 10-12 minutes long. They feature a game, an interactive Bible story (written and performed by folks like Bob Hartman), a chance to pray and great music. Do share them with families and other mixed-age groups, and use them alongside the Prayer Adventure Map and Journal.