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Soul Survivor

This summer we will be attending Soul Survivor (Week B) at the East of England showground in Peterborough.

What is Soul Survivor?
Every summer thousands of young people gather together across four events in Scotland, Stafford and Peterborough to worship God, learn what it means to live for Jesus in every area of our lives, to pray for one another, and to have loads of fun!
Each event lasts for five days and has two main meetings a day, plus seminars and lots of great venues so you can hang out with your mates over a hot chocolate mountain, work up a sweat in the sports venue, watch a movie, or enjoy some live music.

Booking Information

Important Information for Parents/Legal Guardians and Young People
With an event like Soul Survivor there is a lot of questions that come up like “Where will I sleep?” and “Do I need to bring money?” or “Are their showering facilities?” With this being said we’ve sought to create a few documents that outline all the relevant information that you need to know.
Additionally to this, we would like to remind you that a completed and signed copy of both the ‘Parental Release Form’ and ‘Behaviour Covenant’ are to returned prior to our departure on Saturday 18th August
Please click the button below to access all of this information.

Important information for Parents and Young People

Exam Season

Here at Trinity, we’re committed to partnering with you in prayer.

Exam season is often something that can feel like a heavy weight on our shoulders, weighing us down and making our every day life feel harder than normal.

With this being said, we believe that by talking to God on your behalf, that this heavy load can be made lighter.

Therefore, we would love to partner with you in prayer, but in order to do that, we also need to know when you’re exams are. Hit the button below to tell us about your exams.

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Boom – School Years 7-9

We play games, hang out, worship together, listen to talks and have small group discussions about faith.


When: 10.30am Term Time (See term card for more details)
Where: Joining the main celebration in Trinity Church, before coming over to the Trinity Fusion building.

Term Card

Epic – School Years 10-13

We hang out and catch up, and then worship God, hear an inspiring talk and end by praying for each other. (And depending on what time you arrive there is usually a decent amount of snacks!)


When: 6:00pm Term Time (See term card for more details)
Where: Trinity House.

Term Card

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Download A Parental Consent Form

If your child would like to come along to Boom or Epic, then please fill out a parental consent form and return it to one of our Youth leaders. Thank you!