2020+ Vision

All in with God, Each Other, and For The World

As we serve Trinity’s mission to make committed followers of Jesus, we believe God has given us three specific areas to focus on. We believe God is calling us to position ourselves so we can listen and learn through prayer, the Bible and the direct work of the Holy Spirit. We believe God wants to teach us more about partnering together in God’s work. We believe God is calling us to plant new initiatives and new churches to change the world! You can share ideas and dreams via 2020@trinitycheltenham.com

All In With God

Trinity has been blessed by God to spread wide in mission whenever we have been hungry for his presence and the transforming power in our lives. 
As a church family we are pressing into deeper relationship with Jesus in our prayer and worship, by developing spiritual habits and growing in the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

All In With Each Other

We believe God is giving us fresh vision for our community life as the body of Christ.
We are exploring what is means to be a community of Gods people, both when we gather and when we are scattered. We are developing our resources and support for church life in a world emerging from COVID-19. We are shaping the way we use our people and physical resources to serve Gods’ mission plans.

All In For The World

We believe God is releasing prophetic and transforming gifts into every part of our Church family to bring new life into the world.


We are equipping and encouraging members of our church family to connect with neighbours and local communities wherever they live, to share the good news of Jesus Christ in words and actions.


We are continuing to invest in our Transform Ministries to serve the vulnerable and isolated in our community. As well as feeding hungry mouths, we want to feed people spiritually.


We are partnering with our diocese as a Resource planting Church. Praying for God to lead us into planting new expressions of church in both existing contexts and in new places – for faith to give away current resources and to trust completely for His future provision.