Annual Church Meeting and Elections

Church Annual Meeting – Monday 24th May 2021

As a registered charity, every year we hold a meeting to share what has happened over the previous 12 months. 

In the context of prayer and worship, the meeting is an important part of our community life and governance.  We report on how we are using the gifts, time and money we are blessed with by God. We take stock of progress in pursuing our vision to be: ‘All In’ with God, each other and for the world.  We elect members of the church family to share their gifts and experience to help enable the practical and spiritual life of the church over the coming year.   

Take part – join our Electoral Roll

Only church members who are signed up as members of the Trinity ‘Electoral Roll’ can take part in the annual meeting and vote for new Churchwardens, Deanery Synod members and PCC Members. If you have been worshipping at Trinity for more than 6 months we would love you to join in helping to shape all that God is doing here – click below for the on-line form or speak to Julia Thomson.

Sign up for the Electoral Roll

Serving as a Churchwarden, member of the PCC or the Cheltenham Deanery Synod

Our church family relies on many different people being led by the Holy Spirit to share their time, gifts and experience in a wider variety of voluntary and paid roles.  Our two Churchwardens act as a key link between the church family and senior leadership team.  The members of the PCC appoint and support our staff team to ensure good governance and wise management of church life in line with God’s vision for us.  Our representatives on the Cheltenham Deanery Synod link with and help to shape the priorities of the wider Diocese of Gloucester.         

If you think God might be calling you to serve in one these roles please see the information sheet below which helps to explain the responsibilities and commitments involved.  Please do also have an informal chat with one of our Pastor’s team on a Sunday or via Kerry Mattholie