Tidy your room, stuff, shoes…anything….without having to be asked 

Write a letter to a family member saying all the things you never quite get a chance to express to them

Give someone the benefit of the doubt and offer to start again.

Pray for someone and send them a bible verse

Apologise ‘out of the blue’ for past mistakes

Make a memory box with your kids

Start a thankfulness journal for Lent – every day write in the ways that God has been kind to you

Make a tea or coffee for someone in your household or bubble

Text a hello to someone 

Send a thank you to someone who has played a significant part in your Christian journey – an old youth leader, home group buddy etc

Bake a cake for those in your household or bubble

Make a phone call or send a message to someone you have lost touch with over the years

Make a funeral plan as a blessing for whoever will have to make the arrangements when the time comes

Make and send someone a card