Be the reason!

A key part of Trinity’s vision is celebrating and resourcing both the gathered and the scattered dynamics of authentic church life.  At the moment, one of the ways we are trying to express this ‘both/and’ picture is through our pattern of Sunday celebrations - one week we have several gatherings for worship, prayer and teaching and one week we leave space and try to encourage everyone to focus on the call to serve Jesus wherever we are scattered in the world.   

For the ‘Scattered Sundays in February, we’re highlighting two of the ways we can all be the reason for good news getting shared into the world around us. This is only a taste of a much bigger picture but we would love everyone to join in!      

Prayer walking -Sunday 28th February 

Prayer is dynamite!  If we want to see our neighbourhoods and communities transformed with God’s love then the first step is always prayer.  We’re inviting everyone in our church family to take a very intentional prayer-walk on the 28th and then share where they have prayed using the map below. 

The plan is to keep updating the map over the months ahead so we can see the network of prayer spreading across our communities.   Join us and be the reason for our streets and neighbourhoods being blessed in prayer! 

How to join in

  • To use our prayer map, make sure your location settings are enabled in your browser of choice (eg. safari, chrome)
  • Hit the 'Plant a prayer' button and watch a pin appear at your location on the map.
  • Not sure what do actually do whilst on your prayer walk? Why not use this prayer tool created by 24/7 Prayer below.
Prayer Tool: How to Prayer Walk

Acts of kindness

Have you ever experienced an out-of-the-blue blessing? Someone rings to say hello, a thank you card through the post, a positive review for your business, a gift on the doorstep, shopping paid for….these are like love bombs into the middle of a pool and the ripples just keep on spreading. On a day when many people will be sending Valentine's cards - what if we all shared messages of love?! Click on the pictures below for 30+ ideas for Covid-safe random acts of kindness. Come on Trinity - let’s be the reason for someone smiling!