Trinity Cheltenham has a strong commitment towards the environment and working towards an obtaining the Eco Church certification  by the end of 2021. We want to express our care for God’s world through our worship and teaching, how we look after our buildings and our land, how we engage with our local community and in global campaigns, and in the personal lifestyles of our church family.

There are many things that we are already doing, and want to build on.

  • All our buildings are equipped with recycling bins.

    We’re using biodegradable food and drink wares whenever possible and practical.

  • In general, all our tea and coffee is fairtrade.

    Some of our food products are sourced locally (ie. we have a strong relationship with Cotteswold Dairy) and we have some fantastic relationships with food outlets across Cheltenham who are donating to our Transform Ministry perishable food items close to their sell-by date (Big shout-out to Greggs, Sofo Cafe, Morrison, The Lady's College, and many others). Nothing is wasted!

  • Our central location and the availability of cycle racks enable people to join us by ‘greener’ transport.

  • Our main church building will soon have a brand new roof

    This will helping to insulate the building and with solar panels producing much needed green energy.

But we won’t stop there!

As we upgrade our buildings over the next couple of years, we will ensure to select green materials wherever possible and look at suppliers ‘green’ credentials. You may notice bird boxes appearing on our trees and paved courtyards & parkings giving space to greener areas.

Did you know all our 24 toilet cubicles are twinned through Tear Fund Flushing Away Poverty Program? We’ve had some exciting speakers from Tear Fund in the past and other environmental charities sharing their heart for God’s world - and we plan to have more!


Do you have a heart for God’s world and fighting climate change? Any suggestions, ideas for our church family that you’d like to speak to us about?

Please get in touch  and email our office at