Who is the New Wine Discipleship Year for? 

Who is the New Wine Discipleship Year for? 
The New Wine Discipleship Year is  for 18-24 year olds, and provides a unique opportunity for them to invest in their relationship with God over the course of the year.  They will be encouraged, empowered and equipped for a life with Jesus, so it’s so much more than a gap year!


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How does it work for an external placement student?
The student would attend a day of teaching each week within term time (please see here for the overview of the planned curriculum). The student will then invest a proportion of the rest of their week serving in their placement organisation or church. This is typically part time, with a minimum of one day in an area they are passionate about, and another half day elsewhere within the organisation. The combination is intended to give them a broader perspective and experience. Some placements are full time though, so please don’t be put off if that is what you are looking for. Given the variety and potential of different placements for both the student and the organisation, we would be keen to partner with you to make it work.


What are the minimum requirements for a placement student?   
The student would need to be able to travel to Cheltenham for the teaching day each Tuesday.
They will also need to have appropriate support from you during the year. This is typically in the form of two key relationships; one with a line manager to report to, and the other with a mentor who can be available to them throughout the placement.


How much does it cost?  
There is a financial aspect to the year which is £1000 for the student fee (which the student typically funds) and then £500 for the placement. This additional £500 covers some of the cost that the training hub puts out for teaching. Further information about this can be found in the placement information document below.

For more information, please download this document from New Wine.

We would love to partner with you; please get in touch with us personally.

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