The New Wine Discipleship Year is an exciting year of discovery and adventure for 18-24 year olds. It will set you up with strong foundations for life as a follower of Jesus; equipped, encouraged and empowered to build His Kingdom.

The Discipleship Year at Trinity


Amy’s DY Story


Each year, a curriculum is created to enable you to learn about the foundations of faith. There are various streams of teaching, from practical theology, character, leadership and hot topics. In the first term we look at strengthening the core, building to the last term where you will be teaching yourselves as a pair/small group.


Teaching days at Trinity Cheltenham are on a Tuesday, and are from 9am-5pm. Alongside the morning and afternoon teaching sessions, there is a word for the day, time for sung worship and some accountability and prayer time in pairs/small groups. To see an overview of the curriculum, please see here.


Through the year there are also two national weekends away, one in the south west, and another further north. They are for all the NWDY students across the country, covering some key aspects of the teaching. There’s also plenty of time on the weekends to get to know other students from around the other hubs, and to step out and receive in ministry times, which is so core to the DNA of New Wine.


Full-time and Part-Time Placements are available!

Alongside teaching, you will also serve as part of a placement in an area of ministry that you are particularly passionate about, as well as some other areas to give you a broad range of experience of ministry through the year. Placements do vary in the amount of time required from you in the week, with the average being a day and a half (which hours depend on which ministry you serve in), though there are full time placements available. Most placements allow time for you to get a part time job so that you can support yourself financially through the year, as well as explore the mission field in the locality that you’re in. Those placements that require more time from you sometimes pay towards the student fee cost. Do get in touch if you’d like to discuss this further.


Full time Opportunities at Trinity Cheltenham

We are now pleased to be able to offer two full time placements at Trinity Cheltenham as of September 2020! This will allow us as a team to invest more in those wanting to take this opportunity to further their faith and potential within ministry. We will provide free accomodation, the course fees and some financial support including a monthly gift towards living expenses. We have areas of ministry that we are particularly interested in investing into with the NWDY, but we would love to hear from you no matter what area of ministry you are passionate about! Find the links below for a breakdown of all the areas offering placements this year.

Trinity Cheltenham offers the below internal placements:

Externally to Trinity Cheltenham, we partner with lots of organisations and churches locally which provide placements for the New Wine Discipleship Year.

Each placement varies in expectation. Please do either get in touch with us, or directly get in touch with the placements for more details (contact information will become available below soon). If you are a church/organisation that is interested in partnering with us, please click here.


In 2020, Trinity Cheltenham are offering the following external placements: 

Mission Trip

We are exploring different opportunities for an overseas mission trip next year. around March/April time. There will be plenty of opportunity for students to fundraise in advance.

Course Details

The 2020-2021 Discipleship Year will begin in September 2020, applications are now open!

The fee for the year is £1000, which can be paid in full upfront or in termly instalments, plus the cost of an optional overseas mission trip (estimated cost £1300).
The fee covers the cost of all teaching, coaching and training at the centre (including all resources and materials), as well as attendance at the two national New Wine Discipleship Year residential weekends away in early October and January.


Ideally, you will live near your placement.
Usually students find their own accommodation and pay for their general living expenses by working part-time in casual employment.
In some instances, we may be able to offer accommodation in a community house or with a host family. In this case you may be asked to give more time to serving in your placement.
There are nearly 20 training centres around the country for the New Wine Discipleship Year, so if Cheltenham does not work for you, there will be another training centre close. Head to the New Wine website to find out more.

Apply for the 2020/21 Discipleship Year

If you feel God is encouraging you to do the New Wine Discipleship Year here at Cheltenham, simply download the application form below, fill it in, and send it to us!
You will also need to also download the reference request form and give a copy to two referees for completion, asking them to please post the reference directly to us here at the Cheltenham hub:
Kerry Mattholie
New Wine Discipleship Year
Trinity Cheltenham
100-102 Winchcombe St
GL52 2NW

Apply online now

Got Questions?

If you have any questions regarding the Discipleship Year, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Kerry Mattholie

01242 8088752