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Weekly notices and messages from our Church leadership team.

This Sunday! 

We’re getting closer to being able to open fully but this week you can:

  • Join us online at the Ten: for lively worship and the next installment in our teaching series on the book of Exodus.  

  • And for The Four: a worship celebration for all ages. Songs, crafts, hands-on Bible learning, and prayers 

        Please find links for both of these on the Trinity Online page of our website

  • Or at The Six: in-person for our one smaller gathering being held each week in Trinity House. We follow a very simple and short format but this is a time when people can still come to worship, pray and reflect together. 


Part of our vision is about celebrating and supporting both the gathered and the scattered dynamics of church family life.  One way we do this is with our alternating pattern of Sunday celebrations - one week we have more gatherings for worship, prayer, and teaching but on the other week, we deliberately leave more space for us to focus on serving Jesus wherever we are scattered around Cheltenham and beyond.   

On this month's Scattered Sundays, we’re suggesting two ways everyone can ‘be the reason’ for sharing God’s love and blessings. They are only a taste of a much bigger picture but please join in!      

Last Sunday 14th February 

We encouraged everyone to share acts of kindness as messages of love.  We’ve heard about people leaving flowers on doorsteps, money for shopping trollies, and positive reviews for local businesses.  Have you got a story you can share?  And if you want to join in there are still lots of ideas on our website.    
Next Sunday 28th February - Prayer walking 

Prayer is dynamite!  If we want to see our neighbourhoods and communities transformed with God’s love then the first step is always prayer.  So next week we’re inviting you to take a walk around your neighbourhood and ask God to bring blessing across our communities.  On the website, you will be able to see details for how you can share where you have walked (and add more in the future) so we can create a visual map of all the places visited. 


Help with making time and space for God 

Rule of Life pocket guide

Hopefully, our special Lent gift has already landed on your doorstep? Please do let us know it’s gone astray or you need more copies!  We hope it will help everyone in our church family to reflect on and to make some positive choices about the personal rhythms and healthy spiritual habits which keep God at the center of everything.  There are lots more resources in the Walking with God section of the website.

Out of Egypt - Daily Devotionals

Have you been listening to our latest set of daily reflections and prayers shared by members of the Trinity family? This time round they are available through social media and our website.  But you can register here to receive an email into your inbox each morning. 

Giving thanks for Vaccinations

The Diocese of Gloucester has teamed up with Christian Aid to offer a great way for us to give thanks for Covid-19 vaccines by helping others around the world.  All you do is click on the Christian Aid online giving page after you have had your own vaccination to make a donation which will directly help people in struggling countries with food, health services, and obtaining their own supplies of vaccine.  So far the page has raised over £3000 towards an initial target of £5000. 


Many of us are joining in with the national call to prayer at 6 pm every day. 

See our social media for links to daily prayers. You can also find an easy-to-use, printable prayer booklet produced by the Church of England here.

Church Family News

Please let us know if there is news we can share with the church family.  As well as items for prayer we love hearing stories of God at work and other encouragements.

Staff team roles 

We are recruiting at the moment for one key paid role on our staff team - a new PA for Andrew. Helping to manage his workload and give support to the work of our leadership.  Please have a look at our website for more information and to ask for a copy of the full role description. The closing date is this Monday 22nd February.

Volunteering roles

There are numerous ways in which members of the church family can serve at Trinity.  Please let us know if you have gifts and time to offer!  We have a particular need at the moment for help with admin support for some of our key ministry teams and events being planned for Easter. Please contact if you would like to find out more. 

We love hearing stories about what God has done in people’s lives.
We also love sharing those stories with others, through creative media and good, old fashioned storytelling! We would love to know what God has been doing in your life. 
Keep in mind that your story is ultimately about giving God glory for what He has done, so specific names of people involved are not necessary.

Your story will be kept confidentially, but we may contact you to request sharing your story at a later date. 

We love to stand with each other in the power of prayer. 

We send out regular emails with requests for prayer. If you’d like to be involved in praying for these needs, or if you have a prayer request of your own, please get in touch.