Global Mission

What is Global Mission?

Global Mission is one of the ways we seek to fulfil the vision of Trinity Cheltenham, both at home and abroad. We do this primarily through long term partnerships and short term mission trips in developing nations, as well as supporting and praying for our mission partners.

One of the most exciting new developments in our partnership support has been making two substantial gifts to two of our partners from money we are tithing from our own roof development project.
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"To make committed followers of Jesus, who change communities and nations for Him."Our Vision

Our Mission Partners


Abi Read - Mozambique

I’m a primary school teacher living and working at a mission’s base in central Mozambique. Our site has a range of programs including nutrition, public health and education that serve the rural community. My focus is within the education programs, developing lessons in literacy, Number and the Bible for primary aged children as well as youth club for local teenagers. Day to day, I work with our staff members, Mozambican educators, to equip and train our team in order to develop their teaching skills and deliver quality learning to local children. We currently have two educational sites in different villages. Integrated throughout all the programs and life at the base, my passion is to demonstrate the love, joy and truth of Jesus Christ. 


Liz - French Speaking Africa

Liz works with Wycliffe Bible Translators. As the name suggests, the ministry is about translating the Bible into the languages that people speak and use in their daily lives, so that they can really know and understand the Scriptures and through them encounter Jesus and the abundant life that he offers. Liz worked in Chad for 18 years, and since 2015 has been based in the UK, with a team that supports translation programmes across the French-speaking countries in Africa. Until the pandemic, this involved a lot of travel, but now it’s mostly virtual meetings!


Ross & Christine - China

Ross and Christine Paterson returned recently to the UK after many months in Taiwan. They are catching up on time with daughters and grandchildren. It’s been a long gap. The work in China continues well, though clampdowns on the church increase. Last year we distributed over 300,000 Christian teaching books there. The FieldPartner International work continues, building platforms to train English speaking and Chinese speaking missionaries. Ross had his “15 minutes of fame” after being asked to preach in Chinese at the biggest church in Taiwan. Posted on YouTube, there were almost 40,000 views!




Kevin Elliott - Mission Macedonia

Mission Macedonia work with a local network of churches in one of Europes poorest and most unreached countries. The Mission is to take the deep love of Jesus to North Macedonia; To see the Macedonians filled and empowered by the Holy Spirit. To see people saved and set free;  To plant churches in communities where there are none - particularly amongst the poor; To feed the hungry and to heal the sick. Through mission trips, community and building projects, outreach events and food parcels, conferences and teaching etc, we aim to help grow the church and to see the name of Jesus glorified throughout the country.


Simon & Lizzie - Burundi

Simon Guillebaud has been a mission partner of HT for 20 years now. He is the Founder of Great Lakes Outreach which ‘identifies, empowers and equips the best local leaders of passion, integrity, gifting and vision for the transformation of the nation of Burundi bottom up and top down’. GLO works with a few dozen organisations across education, orphanages, streetchildren, evangelism, theological training, agriculture, microfinance, sports ministry, campus outreach, Bible-reading notes, family and couples counselling, business start-ups, the list goes on. After 2 decades living there, he is now based in Bath with Lizzie and their three children (Zac, Grace and Josiah, 15, 13, 11 respectively). He goes out three times a year and preaches and networks extensively. He does a weekly vlog called Choose Life and also has a podcast called ‘Inspired’.



Thomas - India

India is in a time of change, with persecution on the rise across the country, resulting in many attacks on Christians.  In the state of Himachal Pradesh, in the north of India, there is an anti-conversion law, which the government are planning to strengthen backing it with a seven-year jail sentence for those who convert others to Christianity.  This law already exists in many states across India. The church I started in Shamshi, in Himachal Pradesh, has been meeting for 31 years, and the building celebrated its 25th anniversary on the 11 September 2019. We believe in the teaching of the word of God, so we run Vacation Bible Schools. We also run children’s camps to encourage the young to make a commitment to Jesus. Jessy & I will be planning further Vacation Bible School, and camps, and would ask for your prayers regarding their planning, safety and security, so the programmes will not be disrupted by the Hindu radicals , and all who attend will be blessed with God’s presence.


Katia - Brazil

Over this last year we have been trying to do our best to crack on within the restrictions, earlier in the pandemic we were doing online meetings and ran a food bank out of the church, as of May last year we starting back with our in person meetings, and gradually restarted more activities and outreach. The last year has looked like uncertainty, to transition, to consolidation. 
We are hopeful and expectant for what lies ahead, but simultaneously a little tired after this past year.


Kenya Partnership Diocese of Kenya


Kevin Elliott

Abi Read


Roshan & Liz Sri Lanka
Liz French-speaking Africa
Ross & Christine China


Simon & Lizzie Burundi

Kenya Partnership

We have a long friendship and partnership with the diocese of Kericho, Kenya, and Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit - Archbishop of Kenya.   This partnership means that the we've had the opportunity to bless and be blessed by short term trips to Kenya and longer term collaboration with our friends in Kericho.   The Trinity-Kericho partnership has led to opportunities to tackle challenges with real, sustainable solutions - through child sponsorship, leadership training for local pastors and leaders, expansion of medical training, building work for medical, administrative and conference facilities, provision of IT infrastructure, assistance in schools, encouraging of local churches and helping business development projects.


Total population: 1.5 million
Key challenges: Disease, especially HIV/AIDS & malaria; severe water shortage; unemployment; low literacy; poor roads; recent political unrest.
The church in the Kericho Diocese: Around 100 small rural congregations, 13 pastors, formerly led by Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit - who was recently elected Archbishop of Kenya,

Short Term Mission Trips

We send teams on short term mission trips throughout the year, to nations across the world, from Kenya to Romania.

These trips are open to all within Trinity and can help make a real difference to the communities and people that we visit. They are a great experience and an incredible opportunity to serve and bless others.

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