What are Life Groups?

Life Groups are at the heart of Trinity life.


They are smaller gatherings of the Trinity family that meet on a regular basis to help provide opportunity for connection, growth, and encouragement in our faith.


These groups meet mostly in homes across Cheltenham and surrounding areas on weekday evenings.


If you’d like to join a Life Group, or would like further details, then please fill in this quick form, we'd love to hear from you and get you connected.


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Introducing New Interest Based Life Groups!

Running for a limited time, these groups provide opportunity to meet and share mutual interests whilst also enjoying fellowship and prayer together. These groups are great to invite friends to.


Below is some information on groups available.


If you’d like to join an 'Interest Based' Life Group, or would like further details, then please fill in this quick form, we'd love to hear from you and get you connected.
Interest Based Life Groups Form

Interest Based Life Groups!


Table Talk

A new style Life Group involving having a cuppa, fellowship, and fun/creative activities such as board games, (machine) quilting, craft etc.  

Got a creative side? Have a hobby you can share with others? Let us know!


"Jesus walked on these stones" - How archaeology helps the Bible come alive.

Six sessions giving a brief history of Biblical archaeology, including:


  • Pursuing truth in Scripture and in Science – and sometimes questioning tradition!
  • Enhancing our understanding of the Biblical story
  • Did it really happen there?
  • “Apologetics” – responding to unhelpful critics
  • Encouragement – how this strengthens faith

All in relation to sites from the stories of Jesus – and for some of which, we may be confident that Jesus walked on those stones Start date: 2 November 2021 (evening)


Finding God in Films

God can be found in many of the movies we watch, from action adventure to costume drama and animated favourites. Join us this autumn in an entertaining treasure hunt for God in non-Bible based movies. Each meeting we will watch a film and then have a short discussion, exploring where we see God in the film and what he might be saying to us… all with popcorn and drinks, of course!


Global Mission Focused Life Group

Like a regular Life Group meeting to pray and encourage each other on a personal level but with a focus on praying for Global Mission, persecuted church, and our Trinity mission partnerships.


Online (mainly) Life Group

When Jesus said ‘Give and you will receive’ was he describing a formula for business success, how to fundraise or how to pay for lunch? At this life group we’ll be taking a look at this and other biblical principles with a lighthearted perspective, whilst journeying together through the ups and downs of life, building community the Trinity way - with heaps of grace and understanding. We’ll meet via Zoom some of the time and face to face at other times, affording some flexibility for different lifestyles and needs.


Neurodiverse Life Group

This Interest based Life Group is for those who identify as neurodiverse and for those who suspect they might be wired differently. We’ll be looking at our core identity, who we are in Christ, through the lens of our differently wired brains. (Examples of neurodiversity include ADHD, autism/ASD, dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, Tourette syndrome and Synaesthesia). We’ll be exploring what it means to be made in the image of Christ, how we live out our calling with the strengths, talents and gifts He’s given us. We are gathering interest this term, to run the group in the New Year.

More Info Here! 


Mountain Biking

In the New Year you can dust off those pedals and join us for a few rides up & down Leckhampton Hill (with a pit stop for chat, fellowship & snacks.) Open to discussion on riding vs pushing the bikes uphill! Let us know if you're interested.