Stay Connected

How can I stay connected to what is happening at Trinity?

There are two key ways to stay connected to what is happening here at Trinity.


What is it? Our month E-Newsletter contains all the information you need to know about upcoming events and any key news from the life of the church.
Who is it for? This is for either committed Church members, or those who want to know what is happening, occasionally attend an event, or are just interested in staying connected with us from afar.

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What is it? ChurchSuite is a church database management system. This helps us to communicate with church members, allows our teams to make and distribute rotas, aids bookings for events and kids registration on a Sunday Morning! Plus lots more. – It’s very clever, and very helpful in looking after day to day church life.
Who is it for? You should sign up to ChurchSuite if you regularly attend Trinity and consider yourself a committed member of the family.

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