Prayer Walking

Thy Kingdom Come

Thy Kingdom Come is a global prayer movement that every follower of Jesus is invited to be a part of each year in the run-up to Pentecost. The encouragement is to pray for friends and family, neighbours and colleagues; that they might come to faith in Jesus Christ.

This year, we want to cover Cheltenham in prayer as we walk around our neighbourhoods.

What is Prayer Walking? 

Prayer walking is just as simple as praying while you walk. You can of course also pray as your run! The bottom line is it doesn’t need to be anything complicated. As you travel around the streets of Cheltenham, the invitation is to pray for your neighbours and the people who work in your locality. For further information, 24/7 Prayer have pulled together a brilliant resource to help you as you step out in this. You can read it below.

If we want to see our neighbourhoods and communities transformed with God’s love then the first step is always prayer. As we walk around Cheltenham praying, we ask that you may plot below the streets you pray over, so that we can see we are doing this together!


Join In

We would love to hear where you've been prayer walking, and your stories of what's happened around town as you've been praying. Also, if you have any words, pictures or verses that you would like to share, we would also love to hear them!