What is The Alpha Course?

Our next Alpha course will be in January.

Alpha is for anyone interested in exploring questions of life and spirituality. We spend 8 evenings considering some of the big questions in life including:

  • “What can I really believe?”
  • ”Does prayer work?”
  • “Who is Jesus?”
  • “Is there a God?”

At 7:30pm supper is served, followed by a short talk and informal group discussion; often carried on in the pub afterwards.

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Missed a week?
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Alpha Film Series 06 // How and Why Should I Read The Bible?


Alpha Weekend Away

When: Friday 28th – Saturday 29th February

Save the date! Details are still TBC.

Almost all the feedback says the Alpha Weekend Away is the highlight of the course!

Next Alpha Course Details

When: 7:30pm every Thursday for 10 weeks.
The next course will be starting on Thursday 16th January 2019.
Where: Trinity Church, Portland Street, Cheltenham, GL52 2NX
Cost: Free
To register: Email us or give us a call.
If you don’t get around to registering, don’t worry, you can just turn up on the night!

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