For 1-11 year olds

Kids church and groups are meeting again each week!

In Kids church we gather together to worship, to have Bible stories and teaching, to pray, play, create and explore our faith with others.
We follow an alternating pattern.
Community weeks.
We gather as a family in church for worship, teaching and prayer before heading over to Trinity house to our groups. We have about 30 minutes together in our groups for snacks and activities.
Equipping weeks.
We start off in church for worship and communion before heading over to Trinity House to have a longer time in our groups where we will have more time to pray, worship and explore the Bible together.

Parenting for Faith Summer Resources!

101 questions to spark a conversation
We've got a free resource for you to use in the everyday, no matter what you may be getting up to! Here are 101 questions to spark an interesting conversation about God for you to use with your family. It isn't about right or wrong answers - it's about giving kids permission to ask, wonder and chew over what it means to be a Christian, and to think about who God is.

Click here to download!

Many of us are going back to meeting as church - in a building!
Maybe you're back already or maybe you're getting ready to go back. Whatever your situation, going back to church is something new, and it can be hard to work out how we feel about it. This pack is for you to use in whatever way is helpful as you go back to in-person meetings. There's no right or wrong way to use it - it may just give you some ideas to try or questions to ask.

Click here to download!

New Wine United Kids
Who joined in with New Wine United Kids? Our very own Rachel Turner was the team lead for 0-4s and ran some amazing sessions on daily life encounters with God. From mealtime to bath time, you can choose which you want to engage with and when!

Take me there!

Kids Church is packed full of worship and stories, laughter and learning, games and action, prayer and play – all aimed at giving children a tool-kit for life and a confidence in their faith in Jesus. Every child is welcome and valued in their group.
Our team is committed to teaching and applying the Bible, encouraging and nurturing the children in their identity as children of God, inspired and filled with the Holy Spirit ready to fulfil their potential.
At Trinity Kids we take the safety of our kids very seriously and have a team working really hard to ensure we do all we can, which includes DBS checking all our volunteers. For more information on our safeguarding practices please head to our governance page or contact us.

Governance Page


When: 10:00am, alongside the main Sunday morning celebration.

Where: Joining the main celebration in Trinity Church, before coming over to Trinity House and breaking out into Kids Groups.

Kids Groups

Trinity Tots 1-2's : Purple room Middle floor Trinity House
Trinity Tots 3-4's : Blue room Middle floor Trinity House
Trinity kids 5-7's : Top Floor Trinity House
Trinity Kids 8-10's : Ground Floor Trinity house
There will be a change in groups in January.
All year 6 will join youth
All year 3 will join the 8-10's group
All reception will join 5-7's
If you are 11, 8 or 5 in the autumn term please remain with the rest of your year group and make the move in January.


We use a clever system called ChurchSuite to look after registration for Kids Church on a Sunday (along with loads of other uses in church life too). To save time, you can register online - or you can do it one of our touch screen terminals on the day too. Once you have registered, simply turn up on a Sunday and search for your kids using your mobile number on one of the terminals then follow the on-screen prompts.

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