Trinity Women

Our vision is to encourage women in our walk with God through building community to support each other and equipping for lives that glorify the name of Jesus in our day to day worlds and to have fun!


We see this happening through a variety of opportunities - some regularly organised ‘events’ (see the section below) with chances to worship, study the Bible, learn and minister to one another in the power of the Holy Spirit; our two Facebook groups ‘Trinity Women’ and ‘Refuelled’ or day to day communication amongst us; and by no means least, women connecting and getting together in their own ways – sharing passions and giftings. We want to see Godly dreams become reality. 

Trinity WomenRefuelled

Women’s events come under the ‘Fuelled’ banner. We have been inspired by the story in Exodus 3 when the angel of God appeared to Moses in ‘flames of fire blazing out of the middle of a bush’. The bush blazed but didn’t burn up. Being real with God – our true and whole selves – means being honest about the mixture and contradictions of what we bring.  We can be green and fresh and growing whilst being on fire to be refined and filled with the Holy Spirit. Fire is powerful, refining, awe-inspiring, dangerous, purifying, warming.



Wednesday Fuelled - 9:30–11am each week, currently in church

Informal gathering (attendee led) - catch up, thought for the day, prayer and worship (light refreshments)

Saturday Fuelled – once a term on a Saturday 10am – 12pm

Led talk, worship, prayer (light refreshments)

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